This beautiful book is just that.  Beautiful.  Inside and out.  It is filled with Ruth’s gorgeous artwork, along with wonderfully encouraging words about our life in Christ.

There are four sections, named after the seasons: Winter (Resting in God’s Character), Spring (Rehearsing the Truth), Summer (Responding in Faith) & Fall (Remembering God’s Provisions).  Within those seasons are chapters where our daily lives live in many quotes where you will be nodding your head saying, “yes!”.  It’s always nice when you realize you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings!

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Ruth:

Turn to the unshakable, steady, and strong shelter of our Savior.

Just because God does not remove the thorn doesn’t mean He’s not using it for our good and His glory.

He who knows every star by name knows how to heal our wounds, great and small.

If you feel worn out, friend, its a pretty good indication that our infinite God made you finite for a purpose.

You don’t have to be blooming to be growing, so don’t give up.

We are no longer the sum of our past.  We are the formed and forming work of Christ’s faithfulness.

Im not just a generic face among the masses, but a chosen one whom God knows by name.

The Holy Spirit lifts us up before the Father with prayers we don’t even know how to pray.

We can experience no true peace when we’re at war with God.

You were created on purpose for purpose.

I love how God works!  This book came into my life just when I needed it!  I highly recommend this book to everyone, women especially.  Even though I have finished the book, it still sits prettily on my nightstand as a daily reminder of His Truth.

You can find this lovely book here, along with the accompanying journal here.  I received both as part of her pre-launch team in exchange for my honest reviews. ♥

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