I love LuLaRoe.  No, I am not a consultant.  I discovered them back in 2015 when not nearly as many people wore them as now (at least in our area).  I would get lots of looks due to my flashy legs.  Now, we just smile at each other and point at our legs and say, “LuLaRoe?”  Yes, they are bringing people together!

Between myself and my 2 girls we have 26 pairs of leggings and I have 1 Perfect T.  I like their Carly dress and Sarah cardigan, but don’t own either as I am frugal and want the perfect one before I fork over that many dollars!!!

The main reason why I love LLR and their trademark buttery soft leggings is the simple fact that they STAY UP where they belong.  When I first discovered them, I got the Tall & Curvy size leggings.  I am 5’8″ and wear a size 10/12 depending on brand and style.  The TC fit well and were long!  The band went a bit higher than I like, but it does cover my “mom belly”.  My friend suggested I try their One Size as well and they fit, too!  A little shorter in the legs, but perfect for the warmer months.  So now I had both sizes to browse through for all my fun prints!


Another reason why I love LLR is because I have seen first hand the confidence their fun and stylish clothing helps bring other women.  They went from sweatshirts and yoga pants to cute LLR outfits and their confidence boost is simply amazing!!  I even feel that way often.  I get the “muffin top” when wearing some of my jeans, but I’ll put on a pair of LLR leggings and BAM!  I can tackle the day in style and confidence!  I find it amazing and wonderful how something so simple can have such a profound effect!

I also love the fact that they are made in the USA.  Well, all but the leggings…which is pretty much all I buy!  Naturally.

I now have a handful of friends who sell LuLaRoe.  I order a few from each when I cannot live without something… one has to snag them quickly before they are gone, gone, gone!  OMStars, there was sheer madness over the holiday leggings!!

Over the past 6 months I have bought both OS and TC leggings.  Some of the TC are short and too big.  Like, the ankles aren’t even tight!  Even though they say not to dry them, I wanted to simply to see if it would fit better afterwards!  A few arrived like that.  Then I ordered a few OS and they were too tight, so they ended up in my daughters drawer (she wears a size 4).  Well, the last kicker was an adorable owl print I just ordered in OS.  It was SOOO extremely small that I couldn’t even get it over my knees.  No joke.  I took them off and looked at the tag, fully expecting to see ‘Tween’ on the label.  But, no, it indeed says ‘One Size’.  I’m finding it hard to know exactly what size to buy anymore!  The quality control has seriously been lacking!  All my suppliers are amazing ladies who are more than happy to return or exchange.  It’s just the hassle and frustration of it.  Not to mention you’re already so in love with the fun pattern – possibly even your unicorn print!!

It is a sad day because I think my faith in LuLaRoe is dwindling.  I will have to start purchasing my items from local gals only to ensure they actually fit!  Here’s to hoping they figure out this drastic sizing discrepancy soon!!  Leggings are life!

Who else wears LuLaRoe?  Do you just love them??  Do you have any stories to tell?  How about any unicorns?? My mother-in-law just gave me my unicorn print in leggings for Christmas! ♥

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Blessings & JOY ~



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