My Thoughts on a Friday


As Memorial Day approaches, I have seen so many posts about the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.  Most, if not all, were posted my military service members or their spouses.  Being married to a combat veteran, I better know the difference.  I am gathering from these posts that the general public might not?


Most service members do not seek praise and they don’t always know how to respond when told Thank You for their service.  They are just doing their job.  Many have lost friends and battle buddies while “doing their job”.  They haven’t forgotten; nor will they ever.  I pray that as American’s we will never take the cost of freedom for granted.  I am always saddened when I hear of yet another hero paying the ultimate price; as a spouse and mother, my heart just aches for those left behind.


So, I fully understand from where these informative posts are coming from.  It’s not that I disagree with them.  I fully agree that as American’s we really should know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.


In the midst of all these posts, a civilian friend posted a frustrated rant about these posts.  While I fully understand and respect the posts, she definitely had a valid point.  I think making sure we know our great country’s history would be better than bashing our civilian neighbors.


With these recent Memorial Day “what not to say” posts, I am reminded of the many “What not to say to a military spouse” articles I have read.  Lots of them.  Not that they aren’t correct.  But I think they come across as a little harsh.  Of course the civilian world doesn’t know what to say or do; they don’t live in the military world!  It is a whole ‘nother world, that unless you have personally lived it, you have absolutely-no-freaking-idea.  That said, we should all use common courtesy when speaking.  😉 I don’t think we should widen the gap between civilian and military families.  We shouldn’t scare them from trying to talk to us!  We need each other.  In my married life I have been both, so I feel like I can sympathize with both sides.


Don’t get me wrong.  I was one of the dorky proud Army wives!  There is nothing like being a military family and gaining those instant sisters!

So here I am, suggesting that we show grace and patience towards our civilian neighbors.  They really do mean well!

Blessings & JOY~




*In case you wonder what the difference is:  Memorial Day is a day we set aside to remember those men and women in uniform who paid the ultimate price (death) for our freedom.  Veteran’s Day is the day we say THANK YOU to all the vets who have served our great country!