I grew up in the city.  And while my hubby grew up in the same city, he grew up with backyard chickens!  He and his grandma had a lil urban farm going on in their yard.

Fast forward 15 years and many homes and we have backyard chickens!  Its been about 2 years now, and we have two different batches of chickens.  Both are Rhode Island Reds; the second batch we got are heritage!

I love our girls!  They are so sweet and fun!  Plus, they give me breakfast!  I don’t know why I was surprised that they had their own unique personalities, but I was – and they do!  We have one girl who LOVES getting pets and love from us.  Another is super dramatic and its quite funny.  Another girl is super vocal and lets everyone know when she’s annoyed.

We have our little “farm” on the side of the house behind the garage.  It it separated from the yard by a cute picket fence that hubby made.  When I go through the gate, I will say “hi girls” and they all come running because they know I have treats for them!

Have you ever watched any of the Jurassic Park movies?  They totally got the traits of the velociraptors from chickens!  From the way they run, look at you, and the noises they make (like when they are talking to each other, or warning others of possible dangers – not the clucking or crowing).  I always laugh!

My girls are my favorite pets!


Chickens are fun, and quite easy to care for.  Every 2 days we have a dozen eggs.  Fresh, non-GMO, free range eggs.  I love being able to grow our own food and raise our own chickens.  If I could, I’d have a goat!

I love being able to keep chickens and let our girls live how God intended them to, instead of shoved into an overcrowded and dirty “barn”.  I recently read an article about “organic” eggs and it made me so sad!  In case you missed my quotes – they don’t follow the rules for organic!!

I think everyone should have backyard chickens at least once in their life.  I never really thought I’d like having them as pets… the few I had come in contact with I was terrified of because they had chased me as a child.  So, I was a bit nervous to own them myself.  We raised them from chicks and I love our sweet, silly girls!  ♥

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