For the Love of Lashes

Earlier this year I became certified in individual eyelash extensions.  (Not to be confused with clusters!!)

I apply classic; I love how natural they look!

Even on shorter, thinner lashes (above) it makes a difference!

Individual lash extensions are applied directly to each individual natural lash.  It is a time consuming beauty ritual.  A full set can take upwards of 2 hours to apply.  A fill will be needed anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

No more need for mascara! You can actually say, “I woke up like this!”!!

Simply gorgeous!!  One must take special care of their new lashes.  You must refrain from getting them wet, especially within the first 24 hours.  You must also keep them clean and brushed!  Your lash girl will tell you how to best take care of your beauty investment!

Individual lash extensions are simply amazing! Have you discovered this new trend yet?

Blessings & JOY ~




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