Throwback Thursday!

This is a Throwback Thursday Country Music Edition!

I’m sitting here in my salon, working.  Sorting papers, painting frames, hanging old photos, and listening to country music.

It isn’t long before a Blake Shelton song comes on.

I remember about 4 or 5 years ago when Fort Campbell had Blake come and serenade us all on a very hot and humid day!  Some of our good friends went even earlier than we did and saved us some A-MAZING seats.  I was tickled, because I actually got some pretty great shots of a celebrity!  That never happens in my introvert mom life!  😉

blake shelton02

Of course, he sang some of his newer ones (that are now years old) and after many hollers from the crowd, finally played Red for us!

blake shelton05

I was leaning as far over the rope (for the walk way to the sound booth) as I could to get these shots! LOL.  In the next photo, I jokingly said he was looking right at me!  So despite it being a tad blurry, it was saved.

blake shelton03

I took a photography class over the course of two years, and this concert was during that time.  Naturally, I selected this next photo for the ‘leading lines’ project!

blake shelton01

It is definitely my favorite shot from the night.  I love photography, and being able to capture moments in time!

Oh, and in typical military fashion, we were given event t-shirts (which I may or may not still have).

Enjoy your Thursday!

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