For the Love of Photography

177 years?!  Today we celebrate 177 years of photography on World Photo Day!

I realize everyday pretty much has some type of “holiday” (ie: National Donut Day) but photography is something I absolutely LOVE and am so thankful for its invention!


This past year I have been quite busy and finally had gotten a smart phone.  I was still taking photos, but I found 99% of them were on my phone and not with my “fancy” camera.  Which I love.  I love my camera and the photos I take with it!  Camera phones are great and super handy, though!

springfield barn3

I’m nothing like Ansel Adams and his amazing black and white images.  I do love how the mood of a photo can change simply by editing it into black and white!

springfield cloud1

I love capturing emotion in my photos.  To catch those fleeting moments in time, in life.


I have this last one printed on a canvas in our living room!  This barn is no longer standing, gracing us with her presence in Kentucky.


You know how hard it was to take a photo of a happy-go-lucky boxer pup?!  This is probably one of my favorite shots I got of our crazy sweet girl.


Still one of my favorite, unplanned photos I have ever captured.  ♥

Happy World Photo Day!

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Blessings & JOY ~




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