Happy Friday!

Direct Sales companies have been around for years, but I feel like they are more common now than they’ve ever been.  Or is that just me?

I have signed up 5 times with direct sale companies over the past two decades.  After my experiences, let me just say I think its more than just liking the product you love.  The company itself has to be amazing!

And out of the ones I have been a part of, none compare to the company I am currently with!  Here’s a short list of my favorite differences.

1) I get a free website with no strings attached.  In the past I have had to pay monthly for a website, or spend a certain $ amount.

2) I get to pick what free product I want each month, and I don’t have to spend $350 to get it!

3) Free shipping on most orders.  And its fast; I get it within days of placing my order!  No shipping club fees for faster, cheaper shipping on my orders here!

4) I have the ability to get paid weekly and monthly with a higher return than any of the other companies I was with.

5) The company truly, truly is a family!  My team leaders are approachable, and always sharing and checking in with their team.   The company owners are personally in the fb groups sharing, talking, and listening to their members.  Maybe that comes with being a smaller, new company; but it transfers over to feeling respected.  You don’t have to be one of the top earners to get recognized on a personal level, and I love that.  I pray they never loose it!  I am in love with my company, and it fits so well with my cosmetology license.

I am so glad I tried Monat; I have never liked my hair as much as I do now!  It’s so healthy, its thicker, shinier, and I’m only in month three!  Cannot wait to see my 12 month results!

As a stylist who stepped out of the salon mainly due to family and health issues, I felt so empty and unfulfilled no longer working in the beauty industry.  It had been a dream of mine for so many years!  Monat has filled that role for me and I couldn’t be more excited about the days to come!

Another goal of mine is to bring hubby home.  his days in the military really did a toll on him, both physically and mentally.  yet, he still works to take care of us.  I married a good man.

Curious to find out what your hair is wanting?  Take the Hair Quiz to find out!

Blessings & JOY ~



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