Hair Renewal with Stylist Sarah

In addition to being a crazy chicken lady living on her ‘urban farm’, I’m a licensed cosmetologist. With that license, I have access to professional beauty products and stores. Yet, I still had hair that was not as nice as it could, or should be.

I watched a few of my friends use the newer haircare line, Monat. In fact, I even tried it. Now that I tried it again, I think the first time I may have tried the wrong product option for my hair type.

This time around I am seeing wonderful results! I started using Monat 3 weeks ago and already see my hair being thicker, softer, smoother, and all-over just healthier looking (and feeling)!

For the first time in like, EVER, I can honestly say I’m starting to like my hair! I’ve been wearing it down about 50% of the time, which is huge as I typically throw it up in a top knot so I don’t have to think about how much I hate my hair. And most of the time now when I wear it down, it’s not even curled which is another HUGE thing. We all know curls add body, and with my hair being naturally stick straight, I need all the fullness I can get! ♥️

And Monat is giving it to me!


I’m super excited!

So I decided to join the Monat family as a Market Partner; it goes along nicely with my stylist profession. 😊

You can visit my website, or even join my fb group! Both will have even more information, and my website even has a hair quiz! Check it out! 😊

Blessings & JOY… and beautiful hair!



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