Tennessee Twister

Two weeks ago we had 4 tornados spin through our area and one was right in out back yard! It was pretty intense! Thankfully the only damage we had was about a dozen large trees.

Not all of our neighbors were that lucky. I’ve never heard our windows whistle like that before. Nor have I seen windows pulse… and we discovered the whole “it sounds like a train” to be true! We discovered dust being blown into our house under our baseboards.

Ironically, we just moved from our house that had a basement. Do you need to be told that we’re now shopping for a storm shelter? πŸ˜‰

For size reference, my hubby is 4 inches shy of 7 ft.

We will have enough wood for bonfires for the next decade! These piles aren’t even half of what we cut and there’s a ton more!

Its alot of work lugging huge trunks up the hill for seats, so hubby improvised and used our mower!

That storm was the closest I ever want to come to a tornado, ever again!

Blessings & JOY ~



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