Why We Chose Homeschooling

So, our oldest started High School this year.


This was our second year in the public schools off post.  What a difference!  For one, there isn’t any PTO’s – everything is student ran.  So, no volunteering available for school dances, etc.  Which, in our home means our kids don’t get to attend.  When we lived on post and our children attended post schools, the PTO was wonderful and I was able to volunteer at their school dances!  I absolutely loved being part of the PTO and I think it had a huge impact on our kids’ academics and attitudes.

Our son has always struggled academically and as a result has had an IEP since 2nd grade.  When he arrived at this new school they told him his grades were too high and removed it.  As a result his grades and confidence fell.  I was so frustrated.  But he didn’t like being in the IEP classes due to other kids’ bullying him so I didn’t fight for it.  Maybe I should have. We did before and after school tutoring and it didn’t seem to help.  No offense to teachers, but going to school at 6:30am to play a board game, isn’t tutoring in my book.

He would get bullied at school.  Nothing too serious, just stressful when its a daily occurrence.  He would come home so angry.  So angry.  We would not even talk to him for about an hour so he could calm down and we could start to see his real personality again.

I keep tabs on our kids’ grades and his weren’t getting better.  This is High School.  These four years shape you and play a huge part in your adult life.  As a parent, I couldn’t just sit back and watch him just get pushed through with “passing grades”.  That isn’t going to help him understand the curriculum.  What would he do when he went to take his SAT??

After many tears, prayers, and talks with hubby, we decided that pulling him out mid school year was in his best interest.  It would be a lot of work for us and it would mean I couldn’t work in my salon as much.   It would also mean that these next 4 years he could have a personal tutor (me!) to help him succeed.

The perk of homeschooling that we’ve witnessed in these couple months?  His attitude.  OMStars, his attitude has changed – and for the better!!  He is, once again, the sweet young man we know.  It makes my heart happy.  I want our children to succeed academically, but more importantly, I want them to succeed in life!  Who he is, what he does, and how he serves Jesus is what will matter for all eternity.

Homeschooling our high schooler had me terrified, but we are already reaping the benefits!

Our middle child is in all advanced (pre high school) classes, yet she is bored.  So bored she draws on her papers, or mutilates her notebooks.  While in class.  Don’t even get me started on the stories they come home with.  Or the automated phone calls that we get about inappropriate behaviors that have been discovered during school hours.

Homeschooling has been such a pleasant experience that we are planning on homeschooling all three of our children next year!  Homeschooling allows your children to learn at their speed.  Because, isn’t the ultimate goal that they learn what they are taught?


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Blessings & JOY ~



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2 thoughts on “Why We Chose Homeschooling

  1. Homeschooling is a huge commitment but then again, so is raising your children. How blessed your family is that you are able to do this for your children.
    When my granddaughter decided to home school her children I was concerned and skeptical. (They tend to be very much like i was back in the 70s – a “flower child” of sorts.) 9 years later I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of them and what a blessing their homeschooling community has been.
    Of course, they love the Lord and that gives them the strength to “go against the tide” when necessary. Whether you home school because your kids aren’t getting what they need from public school or because you do not want them exposed to everything public school offers (like here in CA where they are taught about LBGT “choices,” Gender Identity and abortion IN SCHOOL) but prefer to introduce moral issues yourself… either way, my opinion of homeschooling has made a complete 180º reversal. It’s no longer just my opinion. I have become a believer!
    I know a family who recently moved out of this state because they couldn’t afford a private school and refused to expose their children to the ultra liberal public school system here. (Mom couldn’t home school – there are those who simply cannot do it.)
    Anyway, God bless your family and may He give you the strength and discipline you will certainly need. You’ve been blessed with gifts and talents which continue to amaze me. It has been a joy to watch some of them come to fruition over the past few years.
    Congratulations on your new adventure!

    • Thank you for your kind words! We realize it will be difficult at times, but believe it will be well worth it!! 🙂 Our reasons are more than just academic, but that is what pushed us into making this decision. Daily we receive confirmation that we made the correct decision for our family!

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