My Salon


So, over the past year I we have been working hard creating my own little space for a salon!  I of course offer hair cuts, color, eyebrow waxing, etc – but I also offer eyelash extensions!


It has been quite a long (and expensive) journey we’ve been on but we are finally done!  Now, the only thing left to do is build up my clientele!  My current clients have been absolutely amazing!


I am so excited that after twenty long years this is actually my reality!  This is my life and I couldn’t be more excited!!  I am so thankful for my supportive hubby and kids – they have been with me through this long process and we all came out on the other end for the better!


Never give up on your dreams!

I would love to chat with you on Facebook  ~ or follow me on Pinterest!  See what a “few of my favorite things” are!

Blessings & JOY ~




p.s. my blog posts may contain affiliate links to items that I love, use, or want to share. Thank you for helping support Cottage & Hen ♥



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