Lake Cabin

So…way back in JULY our family enjoyed a weekend get-away in a cabin on the lake.  In July.  And I am just now blogging about it!


But, in my defense, I was in school full time with too much homework – all while trying to keep the home running smoothly.  It takes me a while to cull through too many photos taken.  Did you know that I just went through all those vacation photos and only saved 20.  Out of hundreds.  LOL.  Its so hard not to snap shots (that look pretty much exactly the same) of gorgeous sunsets over the water!  Just sayin’.


There is a fun KOA on one of the Kentucky Lakes that we enjoy staying at.  They have all kinds of fun things to do, including 2 pools, miniature golf, trampoline pillow, movies, paddle boats – just to name a few!  They welcome dogs, which is perfect for us.


We have camped there a few times, but only once in a tent.  It was the first and last time we will do that.  A crazy storm blew through one night and we took shelter in our truck and packed up to go home the next day with a broken tent!

Now, we stay in a cabin.


I am partial to the cabins on the waterfront.


I brought my school books for studying, but when I was not enjoying the view from the deck, I was out taking photos of everything.  Hence, the hundreds of photos to cull through when I got home just this week.


We have been enjoying rainy (albeit warm for the season) weather the past few weeks.  Sure makes a trip to the sunny lake shores inviting!


Its amazing how the sunset changes within minutes.


I always enjoy the relaxing shores….and hubby goes home with boat envy.  😉

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Blessings & JOY ~




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