Shabby Chic Frames

A few weeks ago I found these beautiful framed pieces of artwork at the Goodwill.  I use the term ‘beautiful’ loosely.  Granted, the artwork is definite talent – just completely not my decor style!  But the frames were sturdy, solid wood, and only $1!


In July, I found some chairs (also at the Goodwill) and painted them with chalk paint for my dream salon in my walk-out basement.

Anyhow, so I had some of that paint left over.


I had a few different ideas running through my head for these frames.  I even started to paint the glass with black chalk board paint (like I did here) but it wasn’t behaving at all for me this time, so I decided to just hang empty frames for some texture on my bare walls.


I painted 3 coats of the white chalk paint to give it good coverage over the dark wood frames.  Since I was painting, I grabbed another small oak frame that houses my parents photo in it.  It is now super cute and updated on my sofa table. 🙂

After the 3 coats, I used my sandpaper block to distress the paint.  I love the look of shabby chic, like the items have been around with a story to tell.


Then it was simply a coat of clear wax (opted for stark white over the antique wax for this project).

I love chalk paint!  Minimal, if any, sanding is required and it sticks so well!  I hate painting, but love the end result.  I am quite happy with this frugal decor hack!

Now I have to find something else cute to hang in the other bare corner of this wall!  Just more reasons to frequent our Goodwill! 🙂


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Blessings & JOY ~




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