Brownies for the Win!

We decided to purchase each brownie mix option at the grocery store a few weeks back.  I made each box and put them on different plates.  We were going to have a taste test!  The kids were super excited, and I always love anything chocolate.  😉


We bought the brand we had been buying for the past year: Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Brownie Mix.  I love how it is healthy AND gluten-free.  This package requires you to add the most ingredients.  Butter, egg, vanilla extract, water (with chocolate chips or nuts given as optional).  It has a pretty normal brownie mix consistency, maybe a tad thicker.

The second brand we bought was King Arthur’s Flour Gluten-Free Brownie Mix.  Another GF mama told me she tried them and they were a win in her house!  This box had the usual items to add: butter (or oil, we did oil), water, and eggs.  This batch was considerably thicker than what I am used to when I make brownies.  This brand also required a longer bake time at 45 minutes.

The last and third box we tried is Betty Crocker chocolate Gluten-Free brownies.  This brand asked for the least amount of items, just a half stick of butter and 2 eggs!  It’s consistency was typical of brownies.

After they were all baked, and I tried to keep the others warm we dove in and gave our vote!  All are delicious, of course and it was a tad hard to choose.  Out of the 5 of us, three liked Betty Crocker and the other two (myself being one of them) preferred King Arthur.  I laughed when the brand we had been buying for the past 11 months was not anyone’s first choice!

Changing one’s diet can be stressful and exhausting…I often feel like I am having to learn how to bake and cook all over again.  Some things (especially breads!) do not taste the same when gluten free.  I enjoy having easy mixes and pre-mades that our family can enjoy!  🙂

Blessings & JOY ~



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