Fuzz-butts are Happy!

When I adopted my family of 4 sugar gliders 9 months ago, they came with a couple small “cage sets”… purple with zebra print and blue with a baseball print.  Neither were my style, and they were older and were starting to snag their nails.  I had been given an Open Environment Pouch (OEPouch) from ‘no jOE designs‘ and loved how it helped turn my crabbies into cuties.  😉  My fuzz-butts were older when I adopted them, so it has taken time for them to realize they can trust me and that I will not hurt them.  The OEPouch has played a HUGE factor in my success of gaining their trust and love!


I don’t know who was more excited when my package arrived in the mail… I thought the cage set turned out SUPER cute!  It didn’t take long for my glider babies to wake up and wonder what mama was up to in their cage.  I soon had them crawling all over me and their new toys!


I love it when they greet me and want to play!


Since they live in trees in the wild, I thought I would add a branch to their cage.  They love it and are always running up and down it!  They also live in luxury with their fleece pouches and blankets.  😉


Here is their huge cage that sits in our family room beside my desk.  You can see all the pieces I got from no jOE designs.  She does excellent work and I highly recommend her for your suggies needs!

Blessings & JOY,



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