Why, with blessings.

Today started out as “one of those days”.

I’m a SAHM who drives an old jalopy.  Why?  Because my hubby and I decided years ago (13 to be exact) that we would make personal sacrifices so that I could stay home and be available for our children.  But, if I can be honest – some days I wonder why I made that decision.  Especially when my children gripe and complain about what I haven’t done for them, instead of saying thanks for the things I have done for them…

For all the sleepless nights, and exhausting days – do they not see that I have their best interest at heart?

How often must I sound like this to my Heavenly Father?  Focusing too much on my complaints on what we don’t have in this life, instead of the many many blessings He has bestowed upon my small family.

So I thanked Him for my home, filled with people who love me, as I vacuumed up daily dirt.


I thanked Him for sweet treats, as I made myself a peppermint iced mocha frap.

I thanked Him for my ability to stay home and make crafty items to list on Etsy.


I thanked Him for a husband who loves me as I am and even after 14 years of marriage calls me his best friend.

I thanked Him that our children have great schools to learn in.

I thanked Him for 2 working vehicles that get us around town.


It’s all about perspective.  Children learn from example.  Actions speak louder than words.

Blessings & Joy,



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