Sugar Bears!

I first fell in love with the soft, adorable gliders at the mall.  They were so cute.  So soft.  And so adorable as they loved being in pockets.  It fed my love for all things miniature.

I wanted a little furry friend to carry around with me all day long!

How cool would that be?

I must have been talking about them a lot, because hubby got me some for Mother’s Day!





I named them Chloe and Zoe.  They are super-duper cute!  I enjoy their silly antics!  Have I said they are cute?

Now that I had these pets, I started reading even more about them!  They make some funny noises and I wanted to know why!

It didn’t take long to learn that some things we had been told about gliders weren’t quite true… like them being potty trainable.  Which might be why you find so many on pages for rehoming…?

All I know is they are super cute and I love my little fuzz-butts!  😉

Blessings & Joy,



6 thoughts on “Sugar Bears!

  1. I thought you were talking about little miniature stuffed animals. I was certainly surprised to see real, live little guys. Do you have two or are there three? They remind me of mice with gigantic eyes. 🙂

  2. I had one named O’Malley…..loved him….he loved the hamster ball and my boxer….they were buddies…..yours are adorable….now I want another!

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