Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit!  It isn’t too far from home, and since we have a pass we can visit at the drop of a hat!  I love their membership because it is affordable, and they offer so many fun things just for members to enjoy!


This past visit, we were able to ride the carousel and mini train for free!  We really enjoyed the carousel.  There is simply something nostalgic about them!



Every once in a while they have some fun exhibits, and we paid a little extra on a visit to see the interactive dinosaurs!  I found them very fun…so did the rest of our family!  Our youngest wasn’t quite sure about some of them, though.  But she still isn’t to the point where she can watch Jurassic Park without some nightmares to follow.



The Nashville Zoo is so pretty and green.  It is a beautiful zoo, even if it might be called small.  I grew up going to the Los Angeles Zoo and so I fully know what a large zoo is like.  But our favorite California zoo was the Santa Barbara Zoo, and the Nashville Zoo reminds us a lot of it.  🙂



There is even an old house on the property, which is why the zoo is called The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere.  I love the old home, barns, and fun things they have.  This one visit we were able to help make and enjoy some fresh cider!


If you are ever in Nashville, I highly recommend adding the zoo to your list of places to visit!  🙂

Blessings & Joy,



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