Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

This is our first ‘Oily Story’.


I have dealt with depression since I hit puberty too many years ago.  I went on antidepressants about 10 years ago, but have since gone off of them and haven’t needed them…. until recently.  These past 6 months I have been struggling with serious depression again, and it was just getting worse and worse.  I would cry and lay in bed and not know exactly why I felt so miserable.  I knew I was in need of something to help get me out of this slump; no one can live that way!  Because I had been on antidepressants in the past, I knew how my body reacted (not always good) to them.  I also know the dangers associated with them (have you read the side effects?!) and didn’t want to go that route again if I could help it.

I began doing some research on alternative ways to combat chronic depression – and ended up choosing Essential Oils.

There are only a dozen of Young Living’s Essential Oils that I have tried so far, but already I have found oils that have made a HUGE different in our home life!

I have joy.

And I couldn’t be happier!

For my depression, I have used YL’s oil blend Joy and Progessence Plus.

An added perk of mama using the oils:  I put Lavender on our kids’ feet at night and they experienced a difference in their sleep so now they ask for it each night!  Because of that, they have asked for other oils.  Ones that might help them combat other issues.

Our oldest is going through puberty, with constantly changing hormones and so I thought I would try Joy on him as well as Peace & Calming.  I am so excited to report that there has been a huge improvement in him as well!  Even my hubby who still refers to YLEO as “hippie oils” has noticed and informed others of the changes!

It’s only a matter of time before he, too, is in love with them!  😉

And that, my friends, is what is working for us.  🙂

If you are interested in trying oils as a Customer or Independent Distributor (think wholesale prices!), then check out this page for more information!



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One thought on “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

  1. Ooh, I’d love to have lavender on my feet at night! I’m so glad you’ve found some things to help you naturally. I took a few anti-depressants as a teen for headaches(Paxil and Zoloft – at different times) and they affected me in ways that weren’t healthy. Never again!

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