YLEO Premium Starter Kit

Have you been hearing a lot about essential oils?

After some research, I decided Young Living was the best company for our family.  Their products are pure, top quality oils that are safe for external and [some] internal use.

I soon realized they have so much more than just oils!!!  I decided to try their all purpose cleaner, featuring the very popular oil blend, Thieves.  I will have to let you know what I think of it!


There are 3 different Starter Kits to decide from when you join Young Living Essential Oils as a distributor.  I actually decided on the cheapest $40 kit at first.  But then was adding all these oils I wanted and the total was getting higher and higher.  Plus, I had my eye on their Home Diffuser that retails for $98!  So, I opted for the Premium Kit for $150.  It comes with the ‘Everyday Oils’ Collection that retails for $163 and the diffuser, plus quite a bit of other fun things!

yleo02This is the diffuser.  It’s a good size and I have it in my office.  They offer different diffusers; I love how this one is a humidifier.  I think I will diffuse JOY in it first.  ♥

yleo04Here are all the wonderful oils you get in the ‘Everyday Oils’ Collection box.  Each bottle is 5ml which makes oils, such as the pricey Frankincense, affordable!  🙂  I am excited about trying Valor and PanAway!

yleo05This pretty box comes in every starter kit, including the $40 one.  Trust me, I know first hand. 😉 It has a shimmery coating on the box, so my girly side really liked it. LOL.  The magnetic closure made me wonder how I might use this box in the future…

yleo06And this is all the lovely items you will find inside that box!  Oil samples to share with family and friends, 5ml bottle of StressAway, roller ball for easy application, and 3 bags of NingXia Red (Goji Berry Juice).

yleo07And here are all the fun brochures to read!  I am loving this oil list fold out – might just end up putting it up inside the cupboard door!  🙂

After purchasing the cheapest and most expensive starter kits – I can personally state that it is well worth your hard earned money to buy the Premium Starter Kit!

Are you contemplating becoming a distributor to take advantage of the 24% discount?!  If you love YLEO like I do, it will be worth it!  The only requirement is $50/year to stay active and that is not hard to meet.  🙂  You can find some more information about joining here.

Blessings ~

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