Garage Thief

I am taking up some precious space in hubby’s small garage.

But it was given, not stolen.  More or less.  😉


He sure is sweet to let me have it, and he even built me this little work bench!  (Do you like my AZ plate?  🙂  I used to have that on my car, a gift from my honey.)  


shop06We have a few of these cool carry-all baskets in the house… I bought myself a red one for my work bench!

shop02My grinder!  It’s noisy, so I feel important when working in the garage.  😉

shop07The shelf behind my work bench was in the garage sale pile, and hubby retrieved it for my work station!  I decided to try some shower curtain hooks to hang the finished stained glass pieces.  Guess I should work on some more…



First piece complete using my own set-up!

Blessings ~

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4 thoughts on “Garage Thief

    • I actually never have. My friend makes lovely stained glass pieces (check her out on fb – Stained Glass by Julie) and while she was stationed here she taught me 🙂

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