Best Wallet Ever!

Over the last 15 years I have only had 4 wallets.  This is my favorite one so far!  Just wait until you see it!  It’s gorgeous!

My parents came out and visited us last month and of course, my mom and I got some girl dates in.  Coffee, sushi & shopping!  🙂  My mom wanted to go to Belk‘s while she was here (there isn’t one where she lives) and that is where I found my perfect and gorgeous orange wallet!  And, it was on sale!


Yes, it is very orange.  Goes along great with my lovely yellow purse! 🙂


It has tons of places for all my cards.  Even has two ID sleeves, which is simply marvelous for this Army wife!  My drivers license and my military ID both have their own home now!


But I think the thing that sold me the most was the pockets!  I have a mini accordion file in there for cash, receipts, and COUPONS.  Yes, coupons!  I do love to use coupons, but since I don’t use a bunch each time I go to the store, I would always inevitably forget my coupon book at home!  Doesn’t do me any good there.  I even tried keeping it in the car, but I should have known that wouldn’t work when I always forget my green bags in the car each time I shop. ha.  So the little coupon pocket is perfect for me!  I am able to keep the coupons I KNOW I will use in there and they are always available to use when I am shopping!


This lovely and bright wallet has all the pockets I need, and it really isn’t that big.  I love it and am super happy with it!

disclaimer: I am not compensated for this review in any way.  The opinions stated are my own.

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Blessings ~

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