Be Confident

Okay, so who doesn’t like feeling confident?  As a woman who is in her 30’s I have discovered over the years that something so simple can give you that ‘boost’ you need to make you walk with your head just a bit higher.  Am I right, or am I the only one?


New hair cut or color.

New hand bag.

I grew up in Southern California, but with a group of friends and families who enjoyed finding deals – where labels were not that important.  Then we moved to Northern Arizona after hubby and I were married to a quaint retirement community – labels weren’t that big there, either.  It wasn’t until hubby joined the Army and we moved to our first duty station that I became more aware of labels.  Specifically in the area of purses.  It didn’t take me long to discover that just about everyone had a Coach purse!  You might “expect” an Officer’s wife to have one, but rank was of no factor for who had a Coach!  In fact, the PX even has their own little Coach shop inside!

I think some Coach bags are lovely.  Others, not so much.  But it was a status symbol and I wanted to participate!  😉  Even my children knew that when I got one, I wanted to make sure it was one with lots of C’s all over the outside so EVERYONE would know I was carrying a coach! lol

For my entire life, I got my confidence from finding great deals.  My mom taught me well on budgets!  🙂

So, I decided to do a few photography sessions and use that money for a Coach hand bag. Nashville has a Coach Outlet at the Opry Mills Mall and so hubby and I stopped by while we were in town for our Homecoming Ball last July.

Guess what I came home with?  A lovely Coach.  But, without the many C’s on the outside.

purse01See, there was a gorgeous yellow handbag that had an awesome strap that could be both shoulder or cross body.

purse02Yellow is only my favorite color; I was sold.  Since sunny yellow was a spring color, it was in their back (discounted beyond outlet pricing) room.  Yay, me!

purse03I got it for a great deal – for a Coach.  Some of you don’t pay more than $20 for a bag, and I respect that!  That was me, before this bag!  🙂

This bag is called a duffle.  And I love it.  It’s big enough to throw in extra things if the need calls.  The cross body option is perfect for long days at the mall or zoo.  The leather is so soft and the color yellow is just perfect for me.  This bag has a tiny ‘Coach’ embossed on the front, so maybe not everyone knows its a Coach bag – but I’m okay with that.  I much prefer to have the unique (if you will, since it is still the coveted status symbol, lol) sunny yellow bag that makes a fashion statement each time I leave the house!  🙂

Women are funny creatures.  What makes you walk a little taller?

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Blessings ~

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4 thoughts on “Be Confident

  1. I totally didn’t know that was your favorite color! Its mine too! I’m not a fan of Coach purses but I get what you mean. Sometimes we need that boost. For me it changes, sometimes its getting something to decorate the house with or like the other day It was finding a cute scarf.

    • Yellow has been my favorite color for so many years – I may like other colors, too, but I always seem to go back to yellow 🙂 Our wedding was yellow! 😀

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