We decided to get membership for the Nashville Zoo this year.  It has been wonderful to be able to visit on a whim, not paying the entrance fees each time.   The membership is super affordable, and they even gave us a military discount on it!  We paid for our membership after just our second visit – but have gone many times since, ultimately for free!  It is well worth looking into!  We also enjoy a member discount on any food purchased while there.  This is the first time we have ever been members of such a place, and we have been very happy!


This most recent visit we took my parents.  The Nashville Zoo might be “small” compared to some, but it is by far the most gorgeous zoo we have ever been to!  It is so very green and lovely!  I grew up in So Cal, so we went to the LA Zoo a few times – it is HUGE.  My favorite zoo in So Cal is the Santa Barbara Zoo, and I would say the Nashville Zoo is similar in size and feel.


Out of our group, 3 had cameras, and a 4th was taking photos with a DSi.  Yup, we are a family of photographers!  🙂



Of course, we saw all the fun animals, but this time we were also able to enjoy a Fall Festival at the Historic Croft house at Grassmere!  Fresh apple cider, music, and self guided tours through the lovely home.



septzoo20The Kangaroo Kickabout opened recently, so we had to stop by there so see the wallaby!

septzoo09This little guy decided that a nap on the path sounded superb!  😉

septzoo08We had a wonderful time exploring the zoo with Grama and Grampa!  🙂

Any trip with my camera wouldn’t be complete without some nature shots!!



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Blessings ~

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