Mini Vaca!


Since our wedding anniversary and hubby’s birthday are only a day a part, we decided to go away for a little weekend vacation.  Originally I had thought of staying a night somewhere just the two of us, since he is actually home this year.  But it wasn’t possible, so we took along our adorable littles –  and even our cute & annoying pooch.  😉


Do you recall my blog post about our last camping trip?  Well, we loved the campground and wanted to go back.  But this time, not in a tent!  😉


This was our adorable little “fort” we stayed in.  I loved having A/C and my own bathroom!  I think I prefer this style of “camping” much better.


Kentucky is such a lovely state, and this campground shows it off perfectly!  This was the view from our porch!  Lake Barkley is just beyond those trees, too.  You can hear barges drive down the river, along with speed boats.  I think my hubby now wants his own boat….

This campground has a giant jumping pillow, mini golf course, paddle boats, and two pools, among other fun things!


camping11aMy photographer in training 🙂


camping29aBesides the pools, our kids’ favorite thing to do that weekend was slide down this massive slide.  I even was talked into going down it.  Once.  And I screamed the entire way down.  😉

The boys in this photo are about 14 years old, to give you an idea of the size of the slide.


camping42aOf course, smores were on the menu!!

camping35aAnd of course, I am always sucked into taking photos of flowers.  🙂

We had a fun weekend, breakfast at the marina restaurant, and lots of laughs!

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Blessings ~



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