Fishing Anyone?

We went fishing with friends the other night.  What do I do when we go fishing?  Why, take pictures, of course!  Some fish to shake off a long work day.  Others take photos.  I’m the latter.


This little girl caught the most fish that night!  And she did great baiting the hooks!  I’m a city girl… wasn’t much help to anyone.  😉  But they will all thank me later for documenting their lives, right?


Here you just pull off the side of the road and go fishing!






We stayed until dusk, when the mosquitoes started coming out in full force (and that was with bugspray). The sunset was lovely with the cottony clouds, and with the pinks reflecting on the river.

Fishing can be so relaxing.  I didn’t fish, but just being able to get out and take photographs after a long day/week was relaxing.  🙂

In all, a typical gorgeous day in Tennessee!

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Blessings ~


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