Horsing Around

We had a battalion family picnic today (aka mandatory fun day) for hubby’s work.  Delicious pulled pork sandwiches, sweet tea and bounce houses!  I don’t know too many wives, and the few I do weren’t there.  But I did get to officially meet our new FRG leader!  I’m a POC for hubby’s company so I will be in contact with her alot.

Military Battalions are rather large, so we had to park a small distance from the event.  Hubby dropped us off when we got there, but we all walked back to the truck when we left.

Beside the lot where we parked, there was a lovely field with a handful of horses.  I had brought my camera because you “never know” what I might want to snap a photo of.  🙂  This lovely white stallion was what I selected.


He is so pretty with his white wavy hair!


I think that mark on his nose is from years of wearing a bridle?


Not sure which one of these shots is my favorite of him.


Maybe this one…?  He’s saying hi!


Scratching his neck on the fence post.


Such a gorgeous stud!

Our “four day” starts now; ya’ll have a great weekend!

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Blessings ~


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