Camping, Storms, and Bugs – oh my!

camping02Hubby was on block leave not too long ago and we decided to visit Lake Barkley, KY. At first we were going to rent a cabin, but decided to save a few bucks (or a lot of bucks) and take our tent instead!  This was the view of the lake the day we arrived.  Simply serene!


Well, it was hot, and I mean HOT.  No where to escape the heat in a tent, either.  And because we brought our pooch, someone always had to stay at the campsite so we were never able to enjoy the pool as a family.  Didn’t think about that until we got there…

camping03Belle did great, despite all the heat and buggers biting her!


One time when I was left at the camp site with the doggy, I walked around snapping photos.  I was careful not to get into any poison oak/ivy/sumac!  Sadly, the dog was not as careful and my hubby (who is highly allergic) paid the consequences!


This was our first campsite in their “rustic camping” area.  It was lovely and green, on the edge of the lake.  But due to the dense foliage, we were only able to hear it and the barges coming through!  This gorgeous campsite was misleading as it was SWARMING with mosquitoes!  In the first day, I think we were covered with -no joke- fifty bites EACH.  My son and I are allergic to mosquito bites and we swelled up all lovely-like.  In fact, I had to go to the doctor 2 weeks later due to the continual swelling of a bite on the top of my foot.  Yup, I’m on steroids so I can walk without pain!


So, after that first 24 hours at the bug fest campsite, I walked up to the office in the sweltering heat to see if I could upgrade to a traditional site.  See, each time we walked to the bathhouse, we noticed there weren’t too many bugs flying around… guess they prefer the swamp.  Hubby was threatening to just go home, so in an effort to keep smiles on our kids’ faces I talked to the amazingly awesome staff to get us moved.  I could feel his pain, though, as he was more or less covered in itchy bug bites and sumac.  And the heat!  You couldn’t escape it…


Campsite number two was smaller, and people were around us – but we had a lovely view of the lake and we could just walk a few feet to go fishing!  This was MUCH better, although the heat was still a killer.  At least this site had a breeze!

That night we moved, we enjoyed a lovely light show of a summer storm in the distance.  Soon it wasn’t in the distance any longer and was right upon us.  It was a doozy of a storm, with continual flashes of lightening and strong winds.  Ever slept in a tent in such a storm?  Well, I can now say we have – minus the sleeping part.  It was far from fun, with the wind making the tent sides heave in and out.  Rain pouring down, with loud claps of thunder and non stop flashes of light!  Hubby was showering at the bathhouse and I called him, cuz I had children crying and a dog that pee’d on her bed.  Because we both know I wasn’t scared in the least… 😉  Poor guy ran back in the storm, took assessment of the situation and we ran to the truck to take shelter.  Well, I tripped to the truck.  Hubby had staked down the tent earlier that afternoon because we knew a storm was coming through.  Well, I forgot in my anxiety and tripped over the wire and landed pretty hard on the gravel ground, bruising my knee and tush!  Our tent stayed up, which is more than I can say about some others at the campground.  Our tent came out of the storm (that lasted a few hours) with few damages, although due to all the wind and rain – our sleeping bags were soaked.


Over all, it was quite an adventure!  I think we’ll be talking about the time we “almost blew away while camping in kentucky” for years to come!  We LOVED the campground and have every intention of going back (just not in a tent) before we PCS next year.  If you are ever in Kentucky, look up Prizer Point!  It’s a top notch KOA with tons of free things to do with your family!

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Blessings ~


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