Mammoth Caves, KY

I have friends who live from sea to shining sea.  One of them contacted me not that long ago saying they would be in Kentucky for a wedding and wanted to know if we wanted to drive up and meet them.  So we did!  We met for the day at Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.  I hadn’t seen this “best far-away friend” of mine since our wedding day nearly 13 years ago!  I had never met her hubby of 12 years!  Sad how life keeps going and visits are never made.  But we remedied that last month and had a wonderful time hanging out with them for the day!


It was dark in the caves (obviously) and I didn’t want to use my external flash so these are a few of what I got from inside the caves.


We would walk and then stop and sit for a few  minutes while the Ranger would tell us more about the history of Mammoth (and surrounding caves & entrances) Caves.


Since I am a woman with a camera, I enjoyed this piece of history!  Francis was a photojournalist who used the newly invented “flash light” to illuminate photos in dark areas.  Can you imagine the thrill to photograph things that couldn’t have been captured before?!


We enjoyed walking through the small museum that is located inside the welcome center at the Caves.


Of course, we had to take a walk on one of the many trails through the hills in the area.  Of course, I had to photograph the flowers I found.  🙂




It is so pretty here.  This is where I live!  🙂

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Blessings ~


One thought on “Mammoth Caves, KY

  1. Somehow, I missed this post. I love caves. They let us experience absolute darkness and to appreciate artificial light. Not to mention, sight itself!!

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