Great Balls of CAKE!

So, I like cake balls.  Alot.  They are so creamy and delicious!  I tried to make some a while back and they were a royal flop.  I bemoaned to my neighbor about how hard they were to make and she offered to show me how she makes her tasty and adorable cake pops!  Now, mine are far from cute like hers – but mine are tasty and that’s pretty much all I care about.  😉

I have made them a handful of times since she showed me how to create the goodies, the most recent was for Mother’s Day.  Yes, I made myself cake balls for Mother’s Day… and they were DELICIOUS!

These don’t fall under the “healthy food” category… lol


First you bake your cake of choice as the box states.  I used a box of ‘Valentine’ cake mix that I purchased on sale.  Hence the tiny red specks here and there.  Let cool a bit and then crumble it into fine pieces.

Mix in about half of a container of frosting.  If you use cream cheese frosting, you will want to keep the cake balls in the fridge even after they have been completed.  I used milk chocolate frosting this time.  🙂


Roll into balls and tuck in any harder, drier parts of the cake (usually what touched the pan) to keep it from falling apart when dipped.  Set on a cookie sheet and place in the refrigerator  for about an hour.


Once chilled,  you will want to melt the chocolate.  This is my version of a “double boiler”.  You can melt the chocolate in the microwave, but I don’t own one and never had any luck heating the chocolate up evenly that way anyhow.

This time I used milk chocolate ‘almond bark’ – but the melting candies work well and don’t take nearly as long to melt – and they come in quite a few fun colors!  Both work great.  If the chocolate gets too thick you can add some crisco.  I don’t have crisco in my kitchen and I like the thicker candy shell myself so I don’t thin it with the crisco unless I have to (and then I have to bum some off a neighbor!).


Once the chocolate is thoroughly melted, take the candy sticks and dip the end in the chocolate then poke it into the cake ball until you can feel the pressure in the palm of your hand without poking the stick all the way through!  Place back onto the cookie sheet and let cool.

Once you have done that to all the cake pops, take the first one you did and dip it completely into the chocolate.  Make sure you coat it over the chocolate that holds the stick in!


I sprinkle them as I place them back on the cookie sheet to dry.  I don’t have a cake pop stand, so my cake balls are “upside down”.  🙂  I let mine cool in the fridge again until the candy has set.

Like I said, they are not nearly as cute as other ladies…


In fact, this front one is a little floopy and leaning over!  lol 🙂

Now I have a hankering for cake pops again…

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Blessings ~


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