Fun at the Zoo!

Hubby is home and we’ve had some extra time to spend with him the last few weeks.  We took our youngest to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for a referral visit and decided to make a day of it in Nashville, so we stopped by the zoo!  It was a cooler, rainy day so there wasn’t a crowd at the zoo.  Which made for another lovely day at the zoo (last time we went it was rainy as well).  


Hubby and I had been talking about becoming members and getting the yearly pass for our family.  We priced it, and it will pay for itself within just 2 visits to the zoo!  I am looking forward to being able to go to the zoo on a whim!  🙂


The zoo is small, but it is beautiful.  So much green foliage along the winding trails through the park.  I love the petting zoo and the old, historic farm house in the back of the zoo property.  Those two are my favorites.


And of course, I simply LOVE to photograph the many flowers you will find there!

yellow daisy2

white daisy2

red lace2

purple ladies2

pink buds2

I think this one of the pink blossoms is my favorite shot of the day (not counting the ones I took of my cute kids and handsome hubby!).

The Nashville Zoo is one of my favorite trips to make with my family.  What is yours?

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Blessings ~


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