Wreath Re-do

I’ve had the same wreath on our front door for more than 2 years.  I decided it was time for a re-do.  I am frugal and decided to use what I already had.  I took my existing wreath and removed the raffia bow and flowers – making sure to remove all the super glue blobs, too.  🙂


This wreath had seen better days…


I laid the cleaned wreath onto some cardboard, and gathering a can of red paint we had on the shelf sprayed just the front of the wreath.  Our front door is white and I don’t want red to rub off onto the white door each time it is opened or closed.  No one will be the wiser that the back side of the wreath is still natural wood.


I did purchase a small board that I sprayed with the chalkboard paint purchased for my Chalkboard project.  Then I attached it with jewelry wire through drilled holes on each side.  I can change my welcoming message whenever I want now; chalkboard paint is so much fun!  I love the clean and simple look of my “new” wreath!  🙂

The wooden sign came as a package of two, so I decided to make a sign for the gate on my garden!


Sadly, this simple sign only survived a few hours before our puppy dog decided it would make a good snack…

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Blessings ~


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