Upcycled Scarf

As I have mentioned before I am going through all our closets and drawers.  I have a walk in closet full of items we no longer use or need.  In that pile, I found an old t-shirt that I loved.  I decided to give it a second life in an accessory.  This simple craft takes all of 5 minutes to complete.  All you need is an old t-shirt and scissors (preferably sewing scissors).


My old OP t-shirt.


I cut the hem off, following the stripes verses the hem line.  I also cut off the top, below the arm pits, creating a tube out of the shirt.  This shirt is fitted; I think a straight tee would work best for this craft, but we made do.  🙂


Then I cut strips about half way up… I’m thinking I might try another t-shirt cutting strips on both sides for extra fringe!


My daughter and I pulled the strips to make them curl up.  🙂


Violà!  Cute and comfortable scarf!

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Blessings ~


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