Mom’s Gonna Snap!

I recently made myself a cute and personalized necklace.  I purchased the items at my favorite craft store and spent the afternoon making me something pretty.  🙂  Have you looked at the pendant frames with the glass?  You simply open them, place a photo or anything else printed on paper between the two pieces of glass and crimp it shut!  Easy peasy!  I made my necklace double sided.  One side says Mom’s Gonna Snap (it has two meanings, lol) and the other side holds a photo of my sweet littles.  🙂


I recently bought some square pendants of the same style, and will be creating some more to list in my etsy shop!  I love jewelry (what girl doesn’t??), but I especially love jewelry that tells a story about who you are and what you like.  They are fun and unique!

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Blessings ~


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