Upcycling the Old

I used to volunteer in a library, and acquired quite a few old books of all shapes and sizes.  I have a large basket in the livingroom full of old books for the kids to read.  Because they are old and beautiful, they make for lovely (yet totally usable) decorations.  Like I said, I acquired tons – and some weren’t in the best of shape and yet due to their lovely covers I couldn’t get rid of them.  I hate to take apart books (I love books!) but I decided to upcycle a few and give them new life in numerous ways.

vintage books

Because they were old library books, they all had old sticky labels on them that I had to get off.  I love GooGone – especially the spray gel.  I soaked the labels in that and used an old credit/membership card to save my nails in the scraping. 😉  The labels were old and had some type of foil in them and were hard to soak.

One book I took apart has lots of lovely poems illustrated with beautiful vintage artwork.  I am tossing ideas around on how to give them new life.  🙂


Once I cut the stitching of the pages, they easily came out.  Yay for old ways to bind books!  It sure made it easy to take apart.  I peeled off the pockets and any other labels.  First I glued on a new small strip over the binding area.  Then when that dried I glued on the other two papers along with the ribbon.  The inside of the book is now fresh and clean.


The book I used is about 8×6.5, which perfectly holds a pad of note paper!  It is an adorable little “folder” of sorts, that you can tie closed with the satin ribbon.  Perfect to carry papers and notes, all while making a vintage statement.


I made two books today, but have only placed one book in my shop so far.  You can see it here.  I am in love with it; it turned out so cute!

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Blessings ~


6 thoughts on “Upcycling the Old

  1. Great idea! We have an antique market near us and I bet I could find some perfect old books to do this with for my daughter. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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