I have been cleaning out drawers and closets in my quest to simplify our life, and guess what I found?!  Some old 35mm film!  And what do you think I did with it?  If you guessed “make earrings’, you would be correct!  Since it was old film, alot of it came back blown out – but there where a few that were worth turning into something fun!  I created two pairs of earrings.  One for me, and the other to list in my Shop.  They were taken at the Santa Barbara Zoo (absolutely fun and gorgeous family zoo) in California.  Since I love photography, they are perfect for me to wear.  I find them rather retro, so I am right in style.  😉   You can find the earrings here, along with other fun items that I enjoy creating in my shop, Sarahndipity.

negative, retro, film, 35mm,  earrings

“Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives”

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Blessings ~


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