Easy Magnets

I have been making these fun little magnets for over a year now.  I have found the glass beads at the Dollar Tree in the past (score!), the super strong magnets at Hobby Lobby and I print my own photographs (or anything else that strikes my fancy) on copy paper.  The only other items you need are mod podge, a brush to apply it, and super glue (I opt for E6000)!

photograph magnets

On the flat side of the glass, brush on some mod podge, lay the photo face down on the glue, then mod podge gently on top of that.  Let dry for about an hour, or until it is clear and no longer milky.  Once dry, you can glue the magnets on with the super glue.  I use E6000 and I let the magnets dry for a full day before I put them to use.

These are wonderful and easy gifts to make and give.   And who doesn’t like pretty magnets that actually hold up papers?!

packaged photo magnets

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