Braided Tresses

Our oldest daughter has long straight hair – perfect for this mama to have some fun with!  Only thing is, she prefers her hair down and if she does let me try anything new with her hair, she is soon taking it out.  One of my favorite things to do to her hair is this Crown.  It is simple, quick, and easy once you get the hang of it.  It is more or less a one sided french braid that you wrap around the crown of the head.  Her hair is straight without layers, so it is perfect for such a style.

braid, crown, twist, long, hair

When you run out of hair to pull into the braid, you continue braiding the traditional way and tucking it under the beginning of the half french twist braid, securing in place.  I held this crown in place with bobby pins.  Below, you will see that I braided only one side of her hair and wound up the rest into a bun, holding it all in place with butterfly clips.

hair, braid, bun, twist

These are great hair ideas for busy holiday parties where you still want to look lovely!

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