life is a {gift}

Photography is a wonderful way to keepsake memories and moments in time.  A good photograph has the power to evoke powerful emotions in us.

An oldie, but one of my favorite captures.

I have heard time and time again, “when I _________, I will schedule a session”.  May I ask what are you waiting for?  As a woman, I fully understand wanting to shed those few extra pounds before we are documented forever in a photograph – but is it worth risking the regret of not capturing something on film?  I am a military wife and I live by the quote, “Live Like He Deploys Tomorrow”.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment, now may be the “perfect moment” you have been waiting for.  🙂

With the weather cooling down, the evenings are simply gorgeous!  Will you be wanting a family photo on your Christmas card this year?  Schedule a session now ~ use the contact form on this site or contact me on facebook to book yours today!

Life is a gift; treasure it!


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