For the Love of Photography

177 years?!  Today we celebrate 177 years of photography on World Photo Day!

I realize everyday pretty much has some type of “holiday” (ie: National Donut Day) but photography is something I absolutely LOVE and am so thankful for its invention!


This past year I have been quite busy and finally had gotten a smart phone.  I was still taking photos, but I found 99% of them were on my phone and not with my “fancy” camera.  Which I love.  I love my camera and the photos I take with it!  Camera phones are great and super handy, though!

springfield barn3

I’m nothing like Ansel Adams and his amazing black and white images.  I do love how the mood of a photo can change simply by editing it into black and white!

springfield cloud1

I love capturing emotion in my photos.  To catch those fleeting moments in time, in life.


I have this last one printed on a canvas in our living room!  This barn is no longer standing, gracing us with her presence in Kentucky.


You know how hard it was to take a photo of a happy-go-lucky boxer pup?!  This is probably one of my favorite shots I got of our crazy sweet girl.


Still one of my favorite, unplanned photos I have ever captured.  ♥

Happy World Photo Day!

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Throwback Thursday!

This is a Throwback Thursday Country Music Edition!

I’m sitting here in my salon, working.  Sorting papers, painting frames, hanging old photos, and listening to country music.

It isn’t long before a Blake Shelton song comes on.

I remember about 4 or 5 years ago when Fort Campbell had Blake come and serenade us all on a very hot and humid day!  Some of our good friends went even earlier than we did and saved us some A-MAZING seats.  I was tickled, because I actually got some pretty great shots of a celebrity!  That never happens in my introvert mom life!  ;)

blake shelton02

Of course, he sang some of his newer ones (that are now years old) and after many hollers from the crowd, finally played Red for us!

blake shelton05

I was leaning as far over the rope (for the walk way to the sound booth) as I could to get these shots! LOL.  In the next photo, I jokingly said he was looking right at me!  So despite it being a tad blurry, it was saved.

blake shelton03

I took a photography class over the course of two years, and this concert was during that time.  Naturally, I selected this next photo for the ‘leading lines’ project!

blake shelton01

It is definitely my favorite shot from the night.  I love photography, and being able to capture moments in time!

Oh, and in typical military fashion, we were given event t-shirts (which I may or may not still have).

Enjoy your Thursday!

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Basement Project

My hubby is amazing! With my completion of school, we my hubby has been busy getting the shop side ready!

Since we had to put in a bathroom for the home business requirements, our project has expanded into the family room side of the basement!


I still have many steps to take with my shop, but I’m ready with a shampoo bowl!


I’m anxiously awaiting June 1st, which is when I will find out if our city will honor my request to open shop in our home.


To help make the basement family room not feel so excluded, we have “windows” to view the downstairs. We also decided to utilize the space under the stairs for a dog house!


Loving this space! Cannot wait until it’s done; so looking forward to being self employed, working from home!! 💗

Blessings & JOY!

P.S. this is the first time posting from my phone using the WP app!

home {sweet} home

There is nothing quite like home.  What makes a house a home?  Family.

Watching the plane land always makes me teary eyed!  I actually get more emotional at other homecoming ceremonies than our own!


There is nothing like a homecoming ceremony.

And nothing like when they open these doors!!!


My hubby was in the military, and we went through two deployments at this duty station.  I know what that long-awaited hug feels like!  Too many months without physical contact is a definite way to get those first kiss butterflies again!  ;)



All is right in the world.  Their soldier is home.  Dances with daddy can resume.  ♥


I enjoyed spending the very cold afternoon with these special ladies as they welcomed home their soldier after a long 9 month deployment!

Thank you, Jenny, for trusting me to capture these special moments!

Thank you for your selfless service to our country!

Welcome Home!

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Lake Cabin

So…way back in JULY our family enjoyed a weekend get-away in a cabin on the lake.  In July.  And I am just now blogging about it!


But, in my defense, I was in school full time with too much homework – all while trying to keep the home running smoothly.  It takes me a while to cull through too many photos taken.  Did you know that I just went through all those vacation photos and only saved 20.  Out of hundreds.  LOL.  Its so hard not to snap shots (that look pretty much exactly the same) of gorgeous sunsets over the water!  Just sayin’.


There is a fun KOA on one of the Kentucky Lakes that we enjoy staying at.  They have all kinds of fun things to do, including 2 pools, miniature golf, trampoline pillow, movies, paddle boats – just to name a few!  They welcome dogs, which is perfect for us.


We have camped there a few times, but only once in a tent.  It was the first and last time we will do that.  A crazy storm blew through one night and we took shelter in our truck and packed up to go home the next day with a broken tent!

Now, we stay in a cabin.


I am partial to the cabins on the waterfront.


I brought my school books for studying, but when I was not enjoying the view from the deck, I was out taking photos of everything.  Hence, the hundreds of photos to cull through when I got home just this week.


We have been enjoying rainy (albeit warm for the season) weather the past few weeks.  Sure makes a trip to the sunny lake shores inviting!


Its amazing how the sunset changes within minutes.


I always enjoy the relaxing shores….and hubby goes home with boat envy.  ;)

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Shabby Chic Frames

A few weeks ago I found these beautiful framed pieces of artwork at the Goodwill.  I use the term ‘beautiful’ loosely.  Granted, the artwork is definite talent – just completely not my decor style!  But the frames were sturdy, solid wood, and only $1!


In July, I found some chairs (also at the Goodwill) and painted them with chalk paint for my dream salon in my walk-out basement.

Anyhow, so I had some of that paint left over.


I had a few different ideas running through my head for these frames.  I even started to paint the glass with black chalk board paint (like I did here) but it wasn’t behaving at all for me this time, so I decided to just hang empty frames for some texture on my bare walls.


I painted 3 coats of the white chalk paint to give it good coverage over the dark wood frames.  Since I was painting, I grabbed another small oak frame that houses my parents photo in it.  It is now super cute and updated on my sofa table. :)

After the 3 coats, I used my sandpaper block to distress the paint.  I love the look of shabby chic, like the items have been around with a story to tell.


Then it was simply a coat of clear wax (opted for stark white over the antique wax for this project).

I love chalk paint!  Minimal, if any, sanding is required and it sticks so well!  I hate painting, but love the end result.  I am quite happy with this frugal decor hack!

Now I have to find something else cute to hang in the other bare corner of this wall!  Just more reasons to frequent our Goodwill! :)


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They Said I Do

I love my school, I love my course, and I love my classmates!  We have named our “team” Family – because we have really rallied around each other, supporting and encouraging each other.  I am so proud to be a part of this fine group of ladies!


Last weekend one of our classmates tied the knot!  Her “family” came through and supported her.  Sweet Michele supplied the fixings and cake, Jae did her nails, I did her hair and photographs, and many showed up to support this new chapter of her life.


It was a cloudy day on the gorgeous Cumberland River, but the rain held off until after the celebration!


I snapped this photo of the happy bride….but now I know why she was smiling so big!  ;)


Here’s to the bride & groom for many happy years together!  No matter what life throws your way, remember that you have each other!


Thank you, Jessie, for trusting me to capture your special day!

Blessings & JOY ~


{Rudling} sneak peak

So… while I don’t pursue family portraiture photography as a full-time business, it is something I really enjoy doing!  Especially of awesome friends!  This is the second time I have photographed this sweet family.  Only this last time we added grandparents!


The Mrs is a wonderful resource teacher; which is how I met her originally.  She has been such a blessing to our family; so glad to call her friend!



The Mr has only the best.accent.ever!  This time I got to enjoy the same wonderful accent from his parents as well!  Such a sweet, sweet family!



Thank you for entrusting me to capture your moments in time!

Blessings & JOY,



Our Response to the Bird Flu


Have you bought eggs recently?  I usually have quite a stash in our fridge, so when I went to buy eggs today I about died!  And we have a location to buy eggs (typically) at a great price!

Eggs more than doubled, all in response to the recent bird flu epidemic.

I only bought one dozen because we were clean out of eggs.  Yes, I want to buy farm fresh, free range eggs…but I am also quite budget conscience…and while I fully agree that we will pay for health in either our grocery bill or doctor bill…we have to eat and we have cut out 99% of processed foods.

We know someone who sells free range brown eggs and now they are totally a bargain, thanks to the bird flu!  So that is what we will be buying, until….we get our own fresh eggs!!


We recently bought a gorgeous house, and just brought home baby chicks!  We are going to have back yard chickens!!!  I am so excited!  Hubby grew up with chickens; I am so grateful that he will be able to teach me all I need to know about our egg laying pets.  ;)


So, that is our response to the rising cost of eggs!  Albeit, indirectly…as we got the chicks before we knew about the bird flu.  Who else has backyard chickens?

Blessings & JOY ~


My Thoughts on a Friday


As Memorial Day approaches, I have seen so many posts about the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.  Most, if not all, were posted my military service members or their spouses.  Being married to a combat veteran, I better know the difference.  I am gathering from these posts that the general public might not?


Most service members do not seek praise and they don’t always know how to respond when told Thank You for their service.  They are just doing their job.  Many have lost friends and battle buddies while “doing their job”.  They haven’t forgotten; nor will they ever.  I pray that as American’s we will never take the cost of freedom for granted.  I am always saddened when I hear of yet another hero paying the ultimate price; as a spouse and mother, my heart just aches for those left behind.


So, I fully understand from where these informative posts are coming from.  It’s not that I disagree with them.  I fully agree that as American’s we really should know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.


In the midst of all these posts, a civilian friend posted a frustrated rant about these posts.  While I fully understand and respect the posts, she definitely had a valid point.  I think making sure we know our great country’s history would be better than bashing our civilian neighbors.


With these recent Memorial Day “what not to say” posts, I am reminded of the many “What not to say to a military spouse” articles I have read.  Lots of them.  Not that they aren’t correct.  But I think they come across as a little harsh.  Of course the civilian world doesn’t know what to say or do; they don’t live in the military world!  It is a whole ‘nother world, that unless you have personally lived it, you have absolutely-no-freaking-idea.  That said, we should all use common courtesy when speaking.  ;) I don’t think we should widen the gap between civilian and military families.  We shouldn’t scare them from trying to talk to us!  We need each other.  In my married life I have been both, so I feel like I can sympathize with both sides.


Don’t get me wrong.  I was one of the dorky proud Army wives!  There is nothing like being a military family and gaining those instant sisters!

So here I am, suggesting that we show grace and patience towards our civilian neighbors.  They really do mean well!

Blessings & JOY~




*In case you wonder what the difference is:  Memorial Day is a day we set aside to remember those men and women in uniform who paid the ultimate price (death) for our freedom.  Veteran’s Day is the day we say THANK YOU to all the vets who have served our great country!